best times of the year to get dermal fillers

Winter: The Prime Season for Recovery

Winter is often regarded as the most favorable time to receive dermal fillers. The cooler weather plays a crucial role in the healing process. Lower temperatures help reduce the risk of swelling and bruising at the injection sites, which are common side effects of the treatment. UV exposure, which can significantly affect the healing process and the longevity of filler results, is naturally limited during the shorter days of winter.

Additionally, winter attire such as scarves and high-neck sweaters can help conceal any temporary side effects from the treatment, providing a discreet recovery period. With fewer outdoor activities scheduled during these colder months, patients have a better opportunity to heal indoors, away from potential environmental irritants.

best times of the year to get dermal fillers

Spring: Prepping for Special Occasions

Spring is a popular time for getting dermal fillers because many people begin to prepare for special events like weddings, major social gatherings, and summer holidays. Undergoing filler treatment in early spring ensures that any signs of treatment have subsided and the fillers have fully settled into the facial tissues, offering a refreshed and youthful appearance just in time for these events.

The weather in spring is also conducive to recovery. The mild temperatures reduce the chances of excessive sun exposure and provide a comfortable environment for healing, similar to winter but with the added benefit of blooming nature and generally uplifting surroundings.

Summer: Considerations and Care

While summer might not be the ideal season for dermal fillers due to high temperatures and increased sun exposure, it can still be a good time for those who can follow post-treatment care instructions diligently. If undergoing fillers in the summer, it’s crucial to use a high SPF sunscreen to protect the treated areas from UV rays, which can degrade the filler material and accelerate aging processes in the skin.

For those with time off during the summer months, such as teachers and students, this season can offer a convenient break for recovery without the need to balance the demands of work or school.

Fall: Perfect for Post-Summer Repair

Fall is another excellent time to consider dermal fillers. Like spring, the moderate climate of fall helps minimize post-treatment swelling and bruising. This season is perfect for repairing any skin damage caused by summer sun exposure, with treatments helping to fill in wrinkles and restore lost volume to sunken areas.

Additionally, getting fillers in the fall prepares you to look your best for the holiday season. With social calendars filling up with family gatherings and holiday parties, fall treatments allow you to approach these high-profile events with confidence and a rejuvenated appearance.

Planning Around Your Schedule

When deciding the best time to get dermal fillers, consider your schedule and upcoming events. You’ll want to allow time for the fillers to settle and for any potential side effects to diminish. It’s also advisable to consider your typical annual commitments and how they might affect your choice of timing.

Consult with a Professional

Before scheduling a dermal filler treatment, consulting with a qualified aesthetic professional is essential. They can provide personalized advice based on your skin type, desired outcomes, and lifestyle. This guidance can help you choose the best time for your treatment, ensuring optimal results and satisfaction with your investment in your appearance.


While dermal fillers can be effective any time of the year, selecting the right season for your treatment can enhance both the experience and the outcome. Winter and fall offer the best conditions for quick and discreet recovery, while spring and summer provide opportunities to prepare for significant events and vacations. Consult with a professional to align your treatment perfectly with your life’s rhythm, ensuring that you always look and feel your best.

best cosmetic injections before holiday
best cosmetic injections before holiday

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