7 popular dermal filler trends for 2023

1. Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty with Dermal Fillers

Rhinoplasty, or a nose job, has traditionally been performed surgically. However, more individuals are turning to non-surgical rhinoplasty using dermal fillers as a less invasive alternative. By strategically injecting fillers into specific areas of the nose, such as the bridge and tip, or to correct minor asymmetries, a skilled practitioner can reshape and contour the nose without the need for surgery. This trend is expected to gain further popularity in 2023, as it offers minimal downtime and immediate results.

7 popular dermal filler trends for 2023

2. Chin Augmentation with Fillers

A well-defined chin can significantly enhance facial balance and overall attractiveness. In 2023, chin augmentation using dermal fillers is predicted to be a sought-after trend. By adding volume to the chin area, fillers can improve weak or recessed chins, enhance facial proportions, and create a more sculpted and youthful appearance. This non-surgical procedure offers natural-looking results with minimal downtime and can be an excellent option for individuals seeking chin enhancement without surgery.

3. Temple Volume Restoration

As we age, the temples can lose volume and appear hollow, which can contribute to an aged or tired look. To combat this, dermal fillers are increasingly being used to restore volume to the temples, providing a more youthful and rejuvenated appearance. By strategically injecting fillers into the temples, a skilled practitioner can replenish lost volume and improve facial harmony. Temple volume restoration is expected to gain popularity in 2023 as individuals seek to address the signs of aging in a comprehensive and natural way.

4. Hand Rejuvenation with Fillers

While facial rejuvenation has been a focus in aesthetics, the hands are often overlooked despite being one of the first areas to show signs of aging. In 2023, hand rejuvenation using dermal fillers is expected to be a prominent trend. By injecting fillers into the hands, volume loss can be corrected, minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, veins, and tendons. This treatment can restore a more youthful and plump look to the hands, making them appear more harmonious with a rejuvenated face. Hand rejuvenation with fillers is an effective way to achieve a more complete and natural-looking result.

5. Jawline Enhancement and Definition

A well-defined jawline is a desirable facial feature that conveys strength and youthfulness. In 2023, jawline enhancement using dermal fillers is anticipated to be a popular trend. By strategically injecting fillers along the jawline, practitioners can create a more defined and sculpted jawline, improving facial contours and creating a more balanced appearance. Jawline enhancement is a non-surgical alternative to surgical procedures such as jawline implants or liposuction, offering immediate results and minimal downtime.

6. Tear Trough Rejuvenation

The tear troughs, the area under the eyes, can develop hollows or dark circles as we age, giving a tired or aged appearance. Tear trough rejuvenation with dermal fillers is an increasingly popular trend expected to continue in 2023. By carefully injecting fillers into the tear troughs, a skilled practitioner can restore volume, reduce the appearance of dark circles, and create a smoother transition between the lower eyelid and cheek. Tear trough rejuvenation offers a non-surgical solution to address under-eye hollows and can help individuals achieve a more refreshed and youthful look.

7. Lip Enhancement and Natural Lip Contouring

Lip enhancement using dermal fillers has been a popular trend for years, and it is expected to continue in 2023. However, the trend is shifting towards more natural-looking results and subtle lip contouring. The focus is now on enhancing lip volume while maintaining proportion and harmony with the rest of the face. Skilled practitioners are using advanced injection techniques to achieve a natural pout and refine lip contours, resulting in fuller and more defined lips that still appear soft and natural.

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Dermal fillers will continue to evolve and offer exciting trends in 2023. From non-surgical rhinoplasty to jawline enhancement and hand rejuvenation, these trends provide individuals with various options to address specific concerns and achieve their desired aesthetic goals. When considering any dermal filler treatment, it is crucial to consult with a skilled and experienced practitioner to ensure optimal results and minimize the risk of complications. “Best Fillers LA” in Los Angeles stands out as a prime location to explore these popular trends and receive top-quality care from a team of dedicated professionals.

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