how to use kybella for double chin removal

The double chin has become quite prevalent. People are ready to shell out on an expensive cosmetic surgical procedure to get rid of this excess fat under the chin. While that may seem a viable way to remove a double chin, it comes with a set of complications. Unlike traditional surgical procedures that require anesthesia and are associated with several complications, Kybella is the safest way to reduce the double chin. It may take several weeks and many sessions to see the results but at the end of the day, your efforts will be worth the outcome.

Am I a Good Candidate for Kybella Injection?

An ideal candidate for Kybella is someone with moderate fat beneath the chin. You must be at least 18 years old to be considered eligible for the procedure. Before the surgery, the physician asks about your medical history and checks the target area to see if you are a good candidate. Likewise, people planning facial surgery or having difficulty swallowing might not be good candidates for Kybella.

Whether you have recently noticed the unwanted excess fat under your chin or it’s because of genetics, Kybella is a safe and effective treatment for double chin reduction. Make sure you discuss the current medications or any chronic condition you have experienced or are currently going through before considering Kybella.

How Does it Work?

Double chin refers to the excess fat beneath your chin. It doesn’t harm you or indicate any serious problem, but it looks quite unpleasant. It also affects your face shape. Kybella permanently kills the fat cells and liquefies them.

Bile acid is the natural substance that absorbs excess body fat. Kybella contains bile acid and injects this substance in the synthetic form into your body. The injection works by killing fat cells so that the area beneath your chin doesn’t produce fat anymore. Although the procedure is safe in general, it’s important to get it done by an experienced healthcare professional, as Kybella might destroy other healthy cells as well.

how to use kybella for double chin removalAs mentioned earlier, there is no incision needed. The physician will mark the target area and apply a numbing cream so that you don’t feel any itching or irritation from the injection. The topical reduces the pain and discomfort for a short while. The number of injections needed for this treatment depends on the fat beneath your chin, your health, and your goals.

You may need multiple sessions to see the results, although the number of sessions required for the procedure depends largely on the volume of fat stored under your chin. The injection destroys the fat cells over time. There should be a 1-2 month gap between each session.

How is it Performed?

Tell your doctor about your expectations from the treatment and your previous or current medical reports. This will give the doctor a clear picture of whether you are a good candidate for Kybella.

Since it’s a non-surgical procedure, Kybella is often performed in an outpatient setting. There is little preparation required. However, you should schedule the session before any major events or any special occasion, as recovery may take a few days. Your physician will explain the after-care plan for smoother and faster recovery. Just wash your face properly before the treatment and avoid ibuprofen and other medications after the procedure.

During the procedure, the doctor will numb the target area and inject Kybella into the selected parts of the area under your chin. The procedure takes 15-20 minutes. You won’t feel extreme pain or any severe discomfort. Mild irritation or a burning sensation is pretty normal, but it won’t last. The doctor might inject as many as 50 injections per session. Each injection is injected approximately 1 centimeter apart.

Post-Treatment Results

Kybella is often customized to the patient’s individual needs and aesthetic goals. Some people might see the outcome within a few sessions (mostly 2-5). Others may need up to six sessions each consisting of between 30 and 50 injections. You must be wondering how long Kybella lasts.

The results are permanent, meaning you won’t need any further treatment. As soon as the injection starts destroying the fat cells under your chin, the fat will no longer be stored here. The long-lasting result is one of the reasons people prefer Kybella to surgical procedures.

Risks and Possible Complications

Kybella is safer and more effective than the traditional surgical procedure. However, it’s still associated with a few risks, including inflammation, bruising, and numbness in the target site. The downtime is minimal but may vary from person to person. The side effects do not last more than a week or two. Still, if you experience any unusual discomfort or extreme pain, see your dermatologist immediately.

Side effects from Kybella are rare but possible.

The procedure might cause a severe nerve injury, an abnormal smile, and difficulty swallowing or chewing. It is, therefore, advisable that you discuss your current medical condition and any allergies in advance with your healthcare specialist. Based on your health and medical history, the doctor will tell you if you are a good candidate for Kybella and how many injections are safe for you.




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best cosmetic injections before holiday

Bottom Line

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